.45 AUTO (+P) 120gr Lehigh Xtreme Defender


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.45 AUTO (+P) 120gr Lehigh Xtreme Defender



Velocity:  1325 Fps, 4" Barrel

Muzzle Energy:  467.75 Ft/Lbs

New Manufacture in a 20 round box.


It's no secret...the research is out there.--A faster, lighter bullet will deliver more energy/damage than a slower, heavier bullet.  This Lehigh Xtreme Defender is the most cutting edge defensive handgun ammunition on the market.  It features a Lehigh Xtreme Defender projectile that has no equals.  Finally, there is a defensive bullet that does it all.   It creates a massive wound cavity upon impact, penetrates common barriers while staying on course, and has no hollow point to get plugged up and hinder bullet expansion. 

Most traditional defensive handgun ammo utilizes a hollow point design that has the deficiency of not expanding if the hollow point becomes plugged up or filled by shoot-through debris, such as denim, heavy jackets, auto glass, etc.  The design of the Xtreme Defender eliminates that possibility all together by not being a hollow point.  It's better, newer technology.   

This bullet delivers so much energy that it creates a permanent wound cavity near that of a 5.56mm, which is twice as large as any other handgun ammunition out there.   It blasts through most common barriers like auto glass, plywood, sheet metal, etc. with nearly 100% weight retention while staying on its flight path to hit the target you were aiming at.  We could have pushed a little more velocity out of this bullet, but it performed the best and was most accurate at 1325 fps.  That velocity is screaming for a .45 Auto, but the lighter bullet recoil makes it very manageable.  Ballistic gel penetration depth is a perfect 18".  Powder is flash suppressed for low light shootings.

This is also a fantastic load for short barrel pocket type guns.  Don't forget, the shorter the barrel, the lower the velocity.  Most standard defensive ammunition has such a low velocity when fired from short barrel pocket guns, the projectiles of other brands may not even expand.  With our XD ammunition you get more velocity out of your gun and have no concerns of expansion.  It will do its job!

This is a +P load, for use in modern firearms.  

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