5.56mm 64gr NOSLER BONDED JSP----FBI Load----


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5.56mm 64gr NOSLER BONDED JSP----FBI Load----

200 Round Bulk Box

New Manufacture

This outstanding 5.56mm ammo is designed for defense work and hunting. Featuring Nosler's best--a BONDED copper jacketed soft point bullet, it has big expansion and deep penetration.  The lead bullet core and copper jacket are bonded together to eliminate separation upon impact.  This is the round to choose for tough barriers and obstacles.  Traditional lead core / copper jacket bullets are known for separating upon impact of barriers, dissipating forward momentum energy and losing the trajectory path of travel.

This Nolser projectile is the current tactical bullet of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  

2950 Feet Per Second, 20" Barrel
1236.58 Muzzle Energy Ft/Lbs

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