Caiman Bump Helmet (Black or Tan)

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Caiman Bump Helmet (Black or Tan)

THE CAIMAN BUMP HELMET is built on an advanced reinforced polymer shell and is designed for the rigors of maritime and mobile maneuvers. A series of modular accessories—including a Wilcox® Shroud, a lean rail system, and the innovative, multi-size APEX Liner System—enhance this helmet suite, ensuring users are equipped with the lightest, most comfortable, and highest performance head protection possible. Optimized for a variety of operators, particularly global Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, and National Guard forces, this skeletonized helmet system places a premium on scalability and integration, giving operators a more stripped-down base for affixing head borne equipment. Like Revision’s other Caiman helmets, the Caiman Bump comes in five sizes, ensuring users are wearing the lightest, most comfortable, and most stable helmet possible. Moreover, Caiman helmets are expressly designed to incorporate electronics, communications headsets, and other equipment needs.

Compatible with:
-Caiman NVG Arm Visor
-Caiman Fixed Arm Visor
-Caiman Bump Mandible Guard
-Caiman Ballistic Mandible Guard
-Helmet Storage Bag



Warning: California's Proposition 65



  • Bump System meets U.S Army Standard for impact protection (CO/PD-05-04)
  • Five Helmet Sizes: 39% of users benefit from better-fitting, comfortable, and lighter helmet
  • Weight: Advanced materials and manufacturing processes achieve lightweight helmet solution
  • Best-in-class APEX Liner System is infinitely customizable, providing the ultimate comfort and impact protection
  • Entire helmet system is designed to seamlessly integrate with other military and communications equipment
  • Suite designed for a range of uses including ground and maritime environments
  • Integrated and Scalable System: Up or down armor with rails, NVG shroud, and optional full-face protection accessories (various visors and mandible guards)
  • Ground-up design: minimizes weight & bulk while offering maximum protection & performance

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